Geforce GTX 560Ti vs GTX 570

Hi, I'm in the process of buying a new graphics card and I'm choosing between a GTX 560Ti and a GTX 570. Obviously an OC 560 comes very close to a default 570 so to make it clear I'm deciding between factory overclocked versions of both. The Gigabyte Super Overclock 560Ti is out of stock in the whole country so what I've looking at is a 900/950MHz version 560Ti or a Gainward Goes To Hell GTX 570.

What I'm wondering is if my CPU is gonna be the big limiter thus making buying the cheaper card a smarter move? I'm considering upgrading the rest of the system in the later part of this year but that's another story.

I'm running a Core2Duo 8500 (3.16GHz), Asus P5Q Pro mobo and my PSU is a Corsair 750W so should be enough for both cards. I prefer running 1920*1080 since that's the native resolution of my monitor.

AMD is out of the question since I wanna run 3D Vision.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Your CPU speed is good also PSU is a great one.
    Instead buying an OCed card, I would say get yourself a normal GTX560 and you can OC it by yourself, or get a GTX570 directly. :)
  2. One more vote for the 570, if you can, buy better.
  3. Don't I risk being bottle necked by my kinda slow CPU then? Price difference between a stock and a factory overclocked one ain't that big so since the overclocked ones usually have better coolers I think I'd rather go for one of those no matter if I buy a 560 or 570.

    I gotta agree with what all of you have been saying that the 570 feels abit more appealing (if the CPU can handle it). More power means it'll take abit longer before I wanna upgrade again. I'm currently using an AMD 4870 which is a great card but starts to feel abit slow and I also want to be able to handle both DX11 and 3D Vision (already bought a monitor).

    My main worry is if the CPU will be the bottle neck and if so, then I could get both a 560 and the 3d vision kit for just abit above what a 570 costs. Why pay more for power that I can't use? But if the CPU can handle it, then the 570 obviously is more appealing. Money always matter ofc but it's not that big deal. Just don't wanna end up paying more for something that I can't use anyway. :)

    Sorry if I sound confusing :). Thanks alot for the replies folks!
  4. So, I've definately decided that I'll get a GTX 570 now and I've started looking at different brands. Someone on this forum said that EVGA is amongst the best but I've also read that Gigabyte's cards are good and some others recommend Gainwards.

    This made me think about the cooler. The reference design is a vapor chamber with a single fan that just blows all the hot air out through the outside of the case and it's supposed to work pretty well. But several of the custom coolers use several fans in a way that look more "conventional". So what I'm wondering now is, what brand would you recommend? And about the custom coolers, will Gigabytes Windforce cooler, Gainwards Goes Like Hell cooler and so on just blow the majority of the air back inside the case? Would seem pretty stupid to not get rid of it outside immediately and I'm guessing it would cause the temperature inside the case to rise quite dramatically unless I already have good case fans.

    Sorry for all the questions. I'm just the kind of guy that wanna be totally sure before making up my mind instead of just rolling a dice and hope the number 6 shows up ;).
  5. As far as brands go, EVGA, MSI, Asus are the best bets. Personally, I love MSI! Their stuff is top-notch! I would really recommend their Twin Frozr version of the 570

    Twin Frozr stuff is top of the shelf in my books/ experience.
  6. Unfortunately I can't find a single MSI tf2 card for sale in my country unless I wanna wait for longer than I want. I even checked the 580 version and the only places with those in stock charge mad prices (over 100euros more than the cheaper stores). You guys recommended Asus dc2 but I kinda prefer to stay away from a 3 slotter (unless someone tells me its so damn good its worth it. Evga, Ive seen those available from stores. I read some review where they claimed it leaked alot of hot air towards the cpu and chipset though. Anyone have any experience with that?

    Why do so many people seem to shy away from gigabyte and their windforce cooler? In my noob eyes it looks pretty much alike the msi tf2 when looking at pictures. Same goes for gainwards goes like hell card.

    In a way I guess it shows something that there are loads of gigabyte and gainward cards available but no msi tf2.
  7. The Gigabyte Windforce cooler is one of the quietest available. You are correct, the reference cooler, which is excellent, vents heat outside the case and all the custom coolers vent heat inside the case. This probably won't make a big difference overall, but you will need good case ventilation with a custom cooler.
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