Will this motherboard support a DDR5 video card?

I have this motherboard:

I also have a 550 watt power source (seen it counts)

I want to upgrade it with a DDR5 video card
This for example:

Question, will it work?
Thank you for your answers! :-)
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  1. Well, I can't open your mobo link, but System Memory (RAM) are different from Video Memory (VRAM), so you can use DDR5 graphic card to any DDR2/DDR3 Memory motherboard, don't worry about that. :)
  2. Any motherboard with a PCIe-X16 slot will support any PCIe-X16 video card, regardless of what kind of memory the video card uses.
  3. Video card RAM is independent of system RAM. There is no such thing as DDR5 system RAM anyway.
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