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How to find serial and model number without removing the motherboard.

The model number... no big deal that's on the front.

But I do not want to take the mobo out to find the serial on the back as it is still working... just not 100%.

This is for an RMA request.
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  1. forget this, the example picture on how to locate my serial was wrong in the rma procedure. it was on the front as well
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    The S/N shoud be on the mobo box or on your receipt if you built it yourself.
  3. yes it was also there but i opened it up for the model and it was the same as the newegg title tp67xe and then i saw the serial on the front and just facepalmed.

    The rma info page was pretty bad... assumes you bought prebuilt.

    first time custom build, first time RMA.
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