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H100 into HAF X

Hey guys
I'm fairly new to this and was wondering if anyone has the corsair h100 CPU cooler paired with the coolermaster HaF X and if so, could you fit it internally and how easy was it to mount (does it only just fit or is there heaps of room to spare)?
Much appreaciated
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  1. I use an Astek cooler which makes the coolers for Corsair. Internally no problem
    fitting that into that case. I'm guessing with the H100 instead to the H80 you will
    be putting the radiator inside on the top of the case.

    Edit. One thing to add to my statement, since the PSU is going on the bottom of the case, make sure you elevate the case
    above the floor about an inch. Especially if it is on carpet. I have had to replace two of my friends PSUs( one Fortron, one Corsair) that burnt out because they overheated.

    I'm a fan of Fortron PSUs and was impressed the thing last 2 1/2 years basically pushing hot air into a thick carpet!

    Happy Cooling, the Prisoner.
  2. Thanks but what do you mean put the radiator inside on top of the case, like between the chassis and outer case?
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    With the radiator that big the only place you could put it is inside top of the case.

    ---....-....---(inside top of case)
    ! radiator !

    I hope my bad picture helps! Or you could just get the H80 and put the radiator on top back of the case.
    With that case you would have to remove the top 200mm fan to put the H100 radiator and who knows if the screw holes will line up.

    Personally it looks like that case has plenty of cooling. I would just go with the H80 or maybe contact Corsair and see if they have a recommendation.
  4. It will fit, you can install it on the two cross bars under the 200mm fans (or whatever you have there instead). So to expand on thee_prisoner's diagram:

    ! 200mm fans
    ! radiator
    ! radiator fans
  5. thanks for the replies guys! helped heaps, im off to buy a H100!
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