Battery life half of stated on asus eeepc?

hey I have an asus 1015pem netbook, which came with windows 7 and I found it too slow for my needs, so I put windows xp on it, however asus states that it's 6-cell battery gets 10 hours on a full charge, which it did used to. I haven't looked at the battery meter in awhile, but I just pulled it off the charger at 100% and it says I have 4:56 hours at a 90% charge.

Would there be some reason that putting by xp on it, it would no longer be able to address it full battery capacity? I am confused about this.

thanks in advance!
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  1. Battery life is very dependent on what the system is doing, if there are more tasks running and your average CPU usage at idle is a few points higher then your battery life can be significantly lower. Do you have the wifi off and the screen brightness all the way down with all power saving features enabled? Thats how they do their tests for battery life. Windows 7 also has slightly better power management than XP does so that will account for a slight different as well.
  2. battery life is one thing, what computer tells you that battery life is - is another.
    did you try to actually run it on battery and see how long it lasts?
  3. ya I know that batt life is def overreported by manufacturers, but I was just confused cuz when I first got the computer with 7 on it, on a full charge it would say 9 something hours it says 5:51 on 100% charge......does the meter know how much cpu/power is being used and adjust its timer accordingly? or maybe my batt has just degraded some, but I only bought it in january of this year-I didnt think batteries lose their capacity that quick...
  4. Yeah, it adjusts based on the current level of usage, not to the second but based on your average power consumption over a few minutes. If you adjust the display brightness your battery life prediction should adjust accordingly.

    Lithium Ion batteries age for unique reasons, they lose capacity over time, but this is also heavily affected by what % level they are kept stored at and at what temperature. If you run them down all the way it significantly affects them, running them all the way down helps reset the battery controller but the Li-Ion cells dont appreciate it.
  5. XP doesnt have/support all the power saving modes/features that 7 has.
  6. I had an asus eepc a while back and I found a few tricks that keep it running longer.

    The tested specs for laptop batters is with all components using the bare minimum power. AKA 10 hours means, screen off, wifi off, fans off, etc etc.

    The easiest way to get your battery life up is by trying your hardest to kill power leaching. This means killing all unnecessary back ground programs. Dim your screen down to a acceptable level. Turn off wifi and bluetooth when you don't need it ( this is the largest battery killer.) Having anything plugged into usb ports will also drain battery.

    Also note that Antispyware/internet security software will consistently ping your cpu/ram/hdd. Making it a big battery killer.

    Also I noticed my battery lasted a good 20 minutes more in cold environments. This is probably due to the fan not having to work as hard to cool and the components working with slightly higher efficiencies.

    I wouldn't worry even still, 5:50 is still what I would call, all day computing. I don't think you should have any trouble using it for a full day.

    If you want to spend the money you can also save battery by installing an SSD ( if not already included).
  7. hey, cptpoppinfresh :: i have the same problem here.. i think, propably its a virus in the OS that killing the battary.... because i used to have a 10hour battary also but suddenly it turned at 100% to 5hrs battary and by 5 hours i mean a monitered 5hrs which was almost like what the meter was telling, which frustrate me at the begining of being laghed at because my laptop(u36jc) was new (still :P )... so i tried a Format which really worked greatly...
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