2 Memory sticks or 4 Memory sticks

I'm doing my own system build using a AMD3+ motherboard which supports 32GB but I plan on just using 16GB 1600mhz for now. My question is which is better in regards to performance and stability or anything else by using 4x4GB ocupying all 4 slots or 2x8GB using only 2 slots. no plans to overclock. Thanks.
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  1. You shouldn't need 16GB, but it is cheap right now.

    As for 2 or 4, they say the more sticks=more voltage=more heat. But how much heat does RAM make? You see I have 4x4GB ;)
  2. ^ indeed. Take advantage while you can, also keep in mind when you shop for x4 sets is that a lot of the kits out there are made with intel Xmp and quad channel in mind so keep an eye on the AM3+ support or "AMD" dual channel.
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