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Okay so i sent my motherboard back to newegg to get a RMA because some pins were bent when i bought it and the plastic cap was cracked right out of the box. I only put a CPU in it to test it and i didnt put it in wrong or anything. In fact i even called them and told them they put this comment on the page for the RMA:
The package looked in good condition nothing was wrong with the box it came in it may have been the manufacturers mistake. There is a couple problems associated with the item. First when took the plastic cap off realized it was cracked a little and then when looked at the socket on the motherboard some of the pins were bent. Also tried it out to see if it would even work but it turns on then off.
But they still wont honor it so my question is this if I send it to Asus to either get a RMA would they honor it or could i just pay them to replace the socket on the mobo and do it that way. Please help me i am out 200 dollars for a motherboard.
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  1. Well bent CPU pins is a big contention with any RMA, and since the OEM places a cover on the socket it's effectively 100% end user caused; they know it, ASUS knows it and so do I. I take a photo of the CPU Socket before I do anything; see below an example.

    My best suggestion to you IF the MOBO was damaged by 'someone' else is to attempt a claim with UPS or whoever delivered the original package.

    Assuming none of them compensate or correct the problem (safe bet), then I'd attempt to repair the bent CPU pins myself. You'll need a Jeweler's tweezers, don't use some cheapo tweezers you'll only make more damage, and a very steady hand.

    This has nothing to 'do' with honoring, it has everything to do with folks dropping their CPU on the pins or improperly installing the CPU some other way. They may have believed you if you contacted NewEgg immediately upon shipment; they know exactly when it was delivered.

    When I sent in my MOBO for RMA, as it turned-out my brand new PSU killed it, I took the photos only IF ASUS or NewEgg claimed foul on the CPU pins.
  2. Well i only had it for a day and that is all i did not touch anything else except for one small part the CPU socket to check it all out like i said i took the cap off the socket and it was cracked i don't know how or anything it just was. Also the pins were already bent when i took it off and i did not even put a CPU in the thing right away i just waited and i put one in later but i was very careful not to screw anything else up. I only put a CPU in there to see if the thing would even work turns out that is a big no. So what am i basically screwed out of another motherboard from newegg? If that is the case i will be buying my motherboards elsewhere this is the second time that they screwed up my RMA and motherboard.
  3. If the CPU socket cover was cracked from shipment then your MOBO box would have been a 'pancake' no to mention the shipping box.

    Listen, I like NewEgg and I buy a crap load from them and IF I felt they were 'trying' to screw me then I'd quit doing ANY business with them.

    100's of builds I've never had a cracked CPU Cover, it would require someone to punch it with their knuckles or some other hard/blunt object and the pins, socket and more than likely the entire MOBO would be cracked.
  4. Okay i am just going to contact Asus and see what happens hopefully i can get a replacement from them or something i don't really feel like doing that but that really makes me mad that this is my second mobo that has had a problem. I buy everything electronic related from them and have never had a problem except with a mobo.
  5. Most problems aren't the MOBO's, most are PSU related and having (2) bad MOBO's is a 2% of a 2% chance. I'd look at other components.
  6. Yeah i will have to check but the first one they also claimed user end pin damage and that one doesn't even look like any are bent. I wonder if my PSU is the problem it is a corsair 500 watt and they are reliable brands. Sigh i love newegg but since this is the second problem i had with them concerning a mobo i might end up going elsewhere.
  7. In my case I had a bad Corsair Professional HX850. Stuff happens.
  8. if you paid with a credit card you can file a charge back as defective goods. it be up to new egg if they want to put in a claim with the shipper. to the op if you do find damage next time take a photo and send it into new egg and call the rep when there open. if i found out something was broken or missing out of the box i would have stopped. if you paid with paypal contact them or your bank...
  9. Hmmm i dont think i paid with paypal rather only with the sites secure transaction process. I might just contact my bank and try to do something about it because i did pay with my bank atm card so i might be able to do that. But then again if i do that and even if i get my money back newegg might be mad at me and ban me from the site for life and i would have to shop elsewhere i dont know. Well this sucks i dont know what i am going to do well i have 5 days to think about it though.
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