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I need help picking out a graphics card to upgrade to. I was thinking about getting the gtx 580, but the issue is that i do not know if my psu can support it.

My system is the following:
Intel i7-950
Asus Rampage III Formula mobo
Corsair Dominator 6GB (3 x 2GB) DDR3 1600
Corsair 750W ATX12V 80 Plus Certified Enthusiast PSU
2 x Seagate Barracuda 7200rmp 1TB HDD
1 x OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD
Sabrent internal card reader
Thermaltake Frio Cpu cooler
2 case fans (1 is LED)
Lian-Li PC-60FBWX Mid Tower Case
ATI FirePro V3750 256MB Workstation Video Card (which i would take out when upgrading)

Also, I do not do much gaming, rather projects with the Adobe CS5 suite and soon solidworks (a CAD program). Would the gtx 580 be a good choice for this?

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    Naw, you'll be fine with a GTX 580. It requires minumum 600w psu, and that one is 750w, plus its a very, very good brand and has a single 12v rail.

    For professional programs, you'd be better of with a quadro GPU. They have drivers written specifically for professional programs that make them perform very well. Then again, they are a lot more expensive, so they might not be worth it.
  2. Thanks for the help. To be honest, price isnt my greatest worry; I'd be alright with spending around 700 bucks on a card. Besides the issue of power consumption, space is a deciding factor. I only have around 290 mm (about 11.something inches) and consequently I cannot really fit many professional workstation cards in the system. Sadly, most of the companies dont even list how long the cards are and i frankly dont want to take a risk of 800 dollars on "full length/full width" specifications.
  3. At $700 bucks, the new 590 (twin GPU's on one card) should arrive any day. Originally scheduled for a February release along with the 6990, my guess it's been held up until the B3 stepping MoBos are in decent supply so as not to appear that nobody's buying the cards (because no one is building new boxes).

    However, with the R3E, your other choice would be twin 570's ($700) or twin 560 Ti overclocked which come up just 1 or 2 fps short of the 570's performance. The twin 560 OC'd would run ya about $520 and would probably work with your existing PSU depending on how hogh ya go with the OC ... assuming it's an HX ... the TX might result in some voltage instabilities which may upset ya CPU OC. I'd be more comfy with a 850 watter. The XFX Back 850 at $130 is the obvious choice .... same 10.0 performance rating from jonnyguru as the Antec SG and CP-850 as well as Corsair HX850 but much cheaper.

    With CS5 and Solidworks on ya apps list, CUDA will be of significant help for the video editing and rendering. learn how to unlock CUDA on non-certified cards here:
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  5. I like the idea of SLI but I dont really want to go out and have to buy a new PSU too. With that in mind, I have a feeling that the 590 will definitely cause me to need a new PSU. But, you agree with jryan338 that the gtx 580 would run fine with my current system setup?
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