FSB HT Speed question

I have a Biostar A770E3

The spec's say the FSB speed is 2600Mhz... I don't get what this means because right now I have it OVERCLOCKED to 2500Mhz (3.5Ghz OC) and normal it runs at 2000 with no OC.

I don't get why the spec's say 2600Mhz, because I have stably gotten it to 2720Mhz (It was just running too hot with stock cooler @ 3.8Ghz)

Can anyone tell me? My guess is that 2600Mhz spec is Biostar's estimated max HT speed, and you can still OC past it, but i'm inexperienced so I can't be sure
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  1. Would this be more appropriate under "Overclocking" threads?
  2. Of course it's an estimate, all clock speeds chosen by the manufacturer have some headroom for variability in silicon batches.
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