I'm a guy into stuff lik video and audio editing. I use PRO tools and Vegas Pro.

I'm on a budget of $600-650.

I decided on Core i5 2400 Sandy bridge. Now Asus P8P67(which i decided earlier) is out of my budget. And it doesn't even give room for the intel's integrated graphics die. So i have to spend extra on a graphics card. :o :pt1cable:

But i want a motherboard with Firewire port, USB 3.0 and SATA port 6 Gbps with onboard graphics(so that the intel's graphic die won't go wasted). :sol:

Can some one please help me. I have almost cracked out searching online for a solution. Any hot suggestion..I'll really really be grateful..!!
:love: :love: :) :hello:
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  1. Hi guys..someone advised me an ASUS P8767 MLE board. i think this would do.

    Any suggestions ?
  2. thank you mdd 1963. I appreciate that a lot. Unfortunately I just found out that model is unavailable in my area. :(
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  5. Before spending any money you might want to look at the prices of a quality sound card if you are serious about audio recording with a computer. Those low latency sound cards ain't cheap!! :o
  6. HI aaron88....yes bro i've got an audio interface- an Mbox 2 which is just awesome :)

    Anyways thanks for that:)
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