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I recently learned that the much touted linksys NSLU2 storage link does not function with drives bigger than 250Gb. I have a Seagate 300Gb drive and would like to attach it to my home network so that all computers can access the drive. I thought the storage link would do the trick but alas it was not to be. Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this, is there another product out there other than Linksys? What other options might there be? Thanks in advance for any advice
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  1. Try partitioning it into two separate drives. That ought to take care of the issue. Sure, you won't have a big single drive, but you still get the same amount of usable space.

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  2. Check out the "hacking the NSLU2" that toms did a while back. Maybe you could mount it and partition it from a command line. That thing is runnin linux OS so it shouldn't be a problem

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