Windows Defender Detects Trojans-Won't Remove-Avast Doesn't DetectHELP

Here is the situation. I recently had two trojans detected on my computer by Windows defender. One was the Alureon Trojan.
I cannot recall the name of the other one. I clicked on the option on Windows Defender to fix the problem-it did not do it after multiple retries. I also did a Spybot scan-nothing was detected. Next, I tried Avast boot time scan-it scanned everything, but nothing was found. I thought I was clean-then Windows Defender alerted me the trojans were still there.

I am not sure what else I can do to make sure my computer is clean. I did a Kapersky Quick Scan, and nothing came up.
I clicked on a full scan, but Kapersky said it was going to take three days for my computer to be scanned?
Not sure why it would take that long-Avast took about two hours..

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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  1. Download and run VIPRE Rescue. It's a command line version of my favorite antivirus program, which contains Sunbelt's full definition set (the same one they use in the paid full version of their VIPRE Antivirus program). Remember to run it as an administrator (right click, Run as Administrator), or it may not remove any infected files it picks up.
  2. malwarebytes
  3. daship said:

    MalwareBytes is another good one to try.
  4. Malwarebytes is excellent, but version 1.44 updated as recently as 01-24-2010 did NOT pick up W32/Alureon on an EVO W4000 running XP Pro. Neither did ComboFix (also very good) SD Fix, GMER, Avast 4.8 Free edition or Trend Micro's Rootkit Buster Beta. McAfee didn't pick up anything either,'s McAfee--what do you expect? <snicker>. Hijack This! logs appeared to be clean, but search engine results were constantly redirected (sometimes randomly).

    I was pulling out my hair and prepping to re-format/re-install XPwhen I got lucky and found a link to this: Hitman Pro 3.5 at . It was the only thing I found that even detected W32/Alureon, and it was a free 30 day trial. Also, Microsoft has an article about it at: if you want to try manual removal.

    Hope this helps you.
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