DLink wireless works but not connecting to web

I just bought a DLink router, the N speed 615. My cable modem/router RCA 725 absolutely sucks so I went out and bought my own. I can connect through my wired connection on the modem/router. I set up the DLink so it takes an ethernet port and plugs the two together. When this is done I can see the new wireless network created by the DLink; I can even connect, but it does not bring up the web. I replug into the modem and I get the net but still the net doesnt seem to travel to the DLink router. I imagine the modem (whose WAN is now off) is not sending it correctly is this correct? What should I do to fix this?
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  1. Did you connect the Internet/WAN port to one of the four ports of the RCA?

    If yes, this is what you might need to do:

    Login to the Dlink and change the LAN IP from to

    It seems that the RCA is using as a network IP scheme.
  2. Ok cool Ill try that tomorrow
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