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Hi guys, wondering if i can get some help on this, i'm fairly competent on PCs, and have a large i7 rig of my own.
I'm looking at speccing up a tiny pc for the missus, as we dont have much desk space. I'm goint to move it to the lounge later for a media streaming/internet unit.
Approximate Purchase Date: This month

Budget Range: Up to £300-£400

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Surfing, word processing, watching movies, nothing intense

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS (Win 7)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:,

Country of Origin: UK

Parts Preferences: by brand or type: Itx mobo

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: Quiet as possible, small as possible

I've got this far, but i'm open to anything really:

CPU: Intel CPU i3 2100T - £96

MOBO: Gigabyte GA-H67N-USB3-B3 - £88

CASE: Antec ISK 310-150 - £65

RAM: Corsair Memory XMS3 4GB DDR3 1600 - £35

HDD: Samsung HM500JJ 500GB 2.5" - £45]

ODD: Samsung Slim DVD Writer, SN-S083F/BEBE - £18

Total = £347

My only concern is the PSU, is 150W enough? or can i step up to an i3-2100?
Or what about AMD's Brazos?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Looking at this antec PSU calculator I think 150W is really pushing it for this configuration
  2. I used the psu calculator here
    and if you select a mini itx board, it comes out at 100W min, and 150W reccomended.

    I also read that while TDP of the i3-2100T is 35W, actual power consumption particularly at idle is very low, so its not that bad.

    Do you still think that its a bit too risky?
  3. That looks like a better calculator!

    Although it's slightly more expensive this case looks a little better in my opinion. Also it has USB3.0 ports.
  4. That looks good, nut if you don't need the CPU horsepower if the i3 you could consider the AMD E-350, it's supper low power and cheaper and I think it will do everything you listed fine.
  5. I really like the antec case because it really is that small! Although the Lian-Li looks great, hmm choices.
    In overall system usage, do you know how the E-350 compares? Becasue i've used netbooks, and if it is an atom competitor, i would prefer something that doesnt stutter when tasked.
    Is that the case or is it a good platform?
  6. I haven't used an E-350 system yet, but I think the CPU is a bit faster than the best Atoms. It has the GPU and decoders to play HD video well so don't worry about that. I think you would be fine with an E-350, but if you don't mind paying extra for the i3 it will probably be snappier, especially when doing more than two tasks.
  7. Hmm there is about £60 in it...
    I'm edging towards the sandy bridge build, means i get access to quicksync and a bit more power...
    What would happen if the PSU isnt powerful enough? Do i risk all of the PC, or just the PSU?
  8. The 150W is PLENTY for a i3-2100T setup. Also, keep in mind, TDP does not equal power draw. Most gents over at AVSforum that have been posting their kill-a-watt measurements put their i3-2100T HTPC's at around 40-50W when playing media. Peak load would never approach 150W.

    Here's some Zacate and i3-2100T system power measurements for you to enjoy: link

    BTW, I just completed a build with the Antec ISK 310-150. See my sig for build details.
  9. Wow! Thanks for that! Nice to know the PSU is plenty
    BTW your HTPC project is awesome! i was also thinking of using that logitech keyboard, its sweet isnt it!
    Can i ask, what made you decide to use an E-350 system? Any advantages?
  10. I went with the Asus Zacate because I wanted a near-passive build and liked having built-in bluetooth and WiFi. Since it was a bedroom HTPC, I wanted near silence and I knew I would not be using it for anything more than media playback. If you want a more robust all-around system, the i3 is a great option.

    So far the only shortcoming of my Zacate is that it cannot play HD netflix smoothly because silverlight does not support hardware acceleration (yet). DXVA support is supposed to be coming in the next version of silverlight and that should clear that up. My TV is only 720p so I don't mind watching netflix at lower bitrates for now.
  11. Yeah, i guess i'm going to have to adress the cooling situatuon, do you know if there is alot of room in the case? I was looking at a Scythe big shuriken, which is 58mm high
  12. The big shuriken will fit with modification. There are two problems to overcome:

    #1 You must cut away the rear part of the hard drive bracket that sits over the motherboard

    #2 The shuriken interferes with the 24-pin power connector from the power supply and you must change out the power supply for a picoPSU.

    Here is someone who has posted details about the ISK and big shuriken: link
  13. Hmm, thats interesting, not sure if i want to stump up more cash for switching out the PSU, do you have any reccomendations for any coolers that are better/quieter than the intel one, yet still will fit in the case (trick one i know)? or am i best to just stick with the intel one?
  14. Gelid makes a very low profile cooler that would work. I don't know if it is quieter than the stock fan though.

    CPU Cooler Slim Silence i-Plus

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