Dell 3007 WFP Random green dots.


I have a Dell 3007 WFP monitor and I am having a problem with it recently. I have been experiencing random green dots on the display sometimes, kind of like snow. As I write this it is happening and I can see them on my dark desktop background. I have the monitor hooked up to a Belkin KVM switch so I tried unplugging it and plugging it directly into both computers and I am still experiencing the problem. Sometimes it manifests as green lines.

I contacted Dell Support and they pretty much told me I was out of warranty, would I like to buy a new monitor?

I was wondering if there is any fix for this? Dell Tech Support told me they would not even repair if if I paid them. (They want to sell me a new monitor obviously.) Are there any places that repair monitors? I'd much rather repair it than replace it, and I think I am disinclined to buy another Dell as it barely got out of warranty without having a problem...

Thanks in advance,
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  1. What are your graphics card temps?
  2. Well one of the computers I have this display connected to is a MacBook Pro and I don't know the temp for that... The green dots do not show up on it's basic display ever.

    The other - My PC has a graphics card temp of 29C according to the ATI Catalyst control panel.

    I did not OC either of them or anything.
  3. So both the PC and th4e Mac book Pro are connected to different inputs and they both exhibit the same behavior?
  4. Yes. They are both connected into a KVM switch and exhibit the same behavior. The problem even occurs if the display is connected directly to the computers without the KVM switch. (I had suspected it might be the switch...but apparently not)
  5. So pretty much I wanted to ask if first of all....

    A) Anyone has any knowledge what exactly is going on


    B) (More likely) If anyone knows of any places that repair monitors?
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    I think your own diagnosis is pretty good that the monitor is bad. On the repair thing did you try to google?
  7. Yeah I found that guy too. I am sending out a few emails to places a bit more local to me first though see if I can check it out. I was also wondering if there was something I was missing here, a magic bullet or cheap fix or anything. I'm guessing not but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask. :)

    For example I noticed a common problem that is repairable is the power inverter going bad and that usually costs they say about $20. I didn't notice much about snow though yet.

    EDIT: I just called the monitor guys you linked out of curiosity. They informed me that they have tried to fix this problem before and there is some part they can't replace and summarily cannot do it... I may be SOL here. :(
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