New gaming PC some parts not set in stone yet.

Hey all, I recently decided to dump AMD and build me a new Sandy Bridge gaming computer. First I will list the parts that I already have bought then I will list the onse that I am planing to buy. Please feel free to make suggestions. I know I'm probably going with a bit of an overkill but that's just how I roll lol.

Already have:

Case - Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower
RAM - Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 8gb DDR3 1600
Hard Drive - Hitachi Deskstar 1tb
GPU - EVGA GTX 560 ti Superclocked
CPU Cooler - Thermaltake Frio
PSU - Corsair HX Series 850W
OS - Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Optical - Lite-on DVD burner
Monitor - Samsung 23" 2ms

Thinking about buying after I seel my current AMD computer:

CPU - Intel Core I7 2600K
Mother Board - ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Professional (B3)

That's about it. Let me know what you think. I am thinking this computer might last me a while. :)
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  1. z68 M/B's have some cool new features but the selection isn't as good yet and the cost is a bit higher.
  2. Case / PSU - The 932 is a bit dated, having been replaced with the HAF-X 942. The HX850 is a great PSU but the XFX 850 is every bit as good and a lot cheaper. There are still 2 versions of the 932 floating around, the newer one has front USB 3 ports. Alternately consider the DF-85 w/ CP-850 which would be my choice....even w/o the almost $50 cost difference.

    XFX Black Edition 850 -

    the XFX 850W Black Edition came looking to make a splash, and ended up doing a cannonball big enough to just about drown the competition. Voltage regulation is nothing short of fantastic, efficiency is excellent, and ripple and noise is just about nonexistent. There are only a very few units able to compete with the performance of this machine, and I'm giving this unit the same performance score I gave them - 10.

    Antec CP-850 -

    It is completely unmatched by any ATX unit on the market I can think of. You'd have to spend twice as much as this thing costs to find the next best thing, performance wise.

    Detailed conclusions here:

    Antec DF-85 + CP-850 = $275

    HAF-X + XFX Black Edition 850 = $320

    MoBo / CPU - I don't like the skimpy 2 year warranty on the Asrock boards (before B3 it was 1 year). Keeping your PC 3 years , 4 years ? Go for a industry standard 3 year warranty.

    I'd opt for the WS Revolution although it's $40 more with either the 2600k (if you going to need HT) or 2500k (if HT won't help you .... i.e. gaming)

    This combo with the 2500k id $465

    If ya stuck on the 2600, the cost is $90 more

    RAM - AT $94 the Black lines CAS 9's are a good buy .... The Corsair's offer abetter deal at same specs though

    The Mushkin Redline's though are rapidly dropping in price and lower CAS has been shown to increase minimum frame rates though this will have no effect if your bottleneck is elsewhere.

    22.3 % (SLI) increase in minimum frame rates w/ C6 instead of C8 in Far Cry 2
    18% (single card) / 5% (SLI) increase in minimum frame rated w/ C6 instead of C8 in Dawn of war
    15% (single card) / 5% (SLI) increase in minimum frame rated w/ C6 instead of C8 in World in Conflict

    CAS 7's are now $130

    Cooler - If money is no object, then I'd look at the Thermalright Silver Arrow ... it and the Archon seem to be stomping in all of the reviews of late. However, it seems coolers have outpaced their need w/ Sandy Bridge.

    I think the Silver Arrow represents the ultimate air cooler than can be built and still fit within the constraints of an ATX motherboard and a standard computer case...... It's almost ironic that coolers like this are becoming available just as processors transition to designs that may ultimately render them unnecessary; even overclocked to 5GHz, an Intel Sandy Bridge 2600K doesn't need anywhere near this level of cooling. Still, it wouldn't hurt, and as I noted earlier, there are still CPUs out there that can benefit from it.

    I can tell you that the Silver Arrow is inaudible in side the DF-85 case however, so as not to hit the GFX card in PCI-E slot No. 1 on the WS Revolution, you have to rotate the cooler 90 degrees and have the fans blow upward instead of to the rear. At 4.8Ghz, my son's 2600k has an average core temp below 70C on P95. (HT is disabled on 4.8GHz profile which is used only for gaming). He runs at 4.4 Ghz w/ HT enabled.

    BE advised, with the WS, UD7, Fatality of any other MoBo w/ 3-4 or 5 PCI-E slots, the many coolers are likely to have fit issues w/ the top GFX card being where the interference occurs. Any measurement in excess of 125 - 130 mm might be problematic .... it is on the WS . Rotated, the Silver Arrow has a dimension of 122.6mm The Frio at 139mm looks problematic....roatated though it should fit as dimension is only 98mm.

    Don't forget TIM ..... Shin Etrsu tops the list and doesn't have the curing issues of AS5.


    OS - You can save some money ($50) w/ the 64 bit professional version. Unless you need multilingual support, Bit Locker remains the only significant advantage to Ultimate and few know what it is let alone use it.

    Optical - Consider if you will ever wanna watch movies on ya PC, if so Blue Ray will come in handy. I have 4 of the Plextor BR drives w/ LightScribe support

    Monitor - Consider if you want 120 Hz which just about doubles cost

    $350 ASUS VG236HE Black 23" 1920X1080 2ms120 Hz

    $170 ASUS VH238H Black 23" Full HD HDMI LED Backlight LCD
  3. Well, I am torn with the motherboard selection as I usually am lol. I like the ASRock Fatal1ty but as Jack stated it does just have a 2 year warenty. The MSI boards look nice and have a 3 year. I've heard bad things about the Asus P8P64 boards with lots of bugs. I am looking at the Asus Sabertooth P67 with the armor. It has a 5 year warrenty and the reviews look good. What do you guys think?
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