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My problem here is simple...Everytime I play bad company 2 or medal of honor and turn up the settings (highest for AA/CSAA) after about 2-3 minutes of gameplay the screen goes white..then black...while it's white I can still hear the game in progress..any reasons why this is happening? I'm using a GTX 560Ti Asus direct cu II
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  1. What are the graphics card temps? Try running furmark.
  2. what will that accomplish? not sure of the temps actually..I just know this only happens when I play battlefield and moh
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  4. asantesoul said:
    what will that accomplish? not sure of the temps actually..I just know this only happens when I play battlefield and moh

    Running furmark and checking the temps will tell you if it's an overheating issue, which is pretty likely given the symptoms you described.
  5. Make sure you are using the latest drivers available. I've had similar problems with a different card. Best to uninstall drivers, download latest version, and reinstall. If that doesn't fix it, let us know.
  6. I checked the asus site and tried to find drivers myself..all games run fine , but when I enable CSAA or MSAA in MOH or BC2 after about 2 minutes it just goes white...I thought it was a driver issue...I checked the asus site and looked for drivers for the direct cu II gtx 560 but perhaps I'm not looking properly
  7. White screen is indicative of a overheated GPU. USE realtemp or furmark to track the temps. It's normal to see them at 100 degrees celseus for nvidia. Higher than that can cause this issue.
  8. It just happened again..my temps were at 45 degrees..I don't think it's a heat issue..And I've run that furmark program but not sure how that will help me
  9. Fur mark is supposed to stress the graphics system to the max. Wich hopefully recreates the crash conditions or demonstrates the card is stable by not crashing. But at this point i would suggest giving asus tech support a call. You might have a defective video card. Giving that it only happens when you enable those certain game fetures. Could be that you have bad video ram on the video card. But that usualy shows as dotted horizonatal lines.
  10. thats strange..its my 2nd direct cu II...anyway...im gonna return this and get a gtx 570 anyway
  11. ASUS GTX 570 direct CU2 has the same probs as your card,stay away from them.I RMA mine to aria and am now changing brand to a palit card 570 also,the weight of the ASUS card is a factor with the pcie slot,i ordered a bracket for it but it diddent fix my problem.I have tried everything with it PSU ect have now put it into 3 diffrent pc's and it's the same in all of them BFBC2/MOH/BF3 the games i wanted to play and why i bought the card in the 1st place still messed up with minus settings on all 3 games and on all 3 pc's,thanks to my friends for letting me try it in their rigs it's a head melter look about on forums and you will seee the same results everytime same problems with diffrent people clock core shaders ect you have been there i know.I can only tell you to stay away from asus gtx 570s because there is not 1 true fix for any of the problems overheat BSOD PSU your opening a bag of worms with it STAY CLEAR OFF word up.
    Ps this is the error code i get BlueScreen
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 2057
    My Setup Intel Core i7 2600K 3.40GHz @ 4.40GHz, Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 DDR3 Motherboard, Kingston HyperX Genesis Grey 8GB 1600MHz C9, Corsair A50 Cooler.
    xx ASUS xx gtx 570 direct cu2 soon a palit sonic 570
    750w dual rail psu 80+gold
    pps the other 2 pc's i tried it on where i5 2500 stock 1 with 4 gig ram 8 in the other each diffrent brands of mem and motherboards 1 of them was an sli with 2 evga 570s in it that worked fine but with my 570 the same problem occurred in all 3 rigs.
    PPPs games like mafia 2 and shogun 2 work fine with it though all settings right up?? diffrent games use diffrent parts of the card i suppose.
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