Will the graphics card fit the case?

I want to buy the following, but I'm not sure if the graphics card will fit:

- Nexus Prominent 5
- Gigabyte Radeon HD6870 1GB Windforce OC

I have really tried to find specs detailing if a an 11-inch graphics card fits into the case. I've seen pictures and it looks as if it would fit, but that's simply not enough information. Does anyone know?
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  1. i thought that 6870 wasn't that long? btw i think the card should fit the case you mention. here are review for the case you mentioned. not sure if will be able to help you though:

  2. The Nexus Prominent 5 is really a Cooler Master CM690. I am able to fit an NVIDIA Tesla C2050 in mine. This card is fewer than 11 inches long, but it requires a PCIe power connector at the end of the card, so that adds to the effective length of the card.
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