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Can I SLI DCU II on P9X79 Pro?

I'm about to buy Asus P9X79 Pro for my new rig but upon investigation, according to this diagram: If I wanna SLI my graphics cards then I have to use PCI-E slot #1 and #5 and use a long SLI bridge.

Then what's got me worried is if I wanna SLI DCU II cards which is a 3 slots card, would that be a problem on the bottom card? (PCI-E slot #5)

The problem I'm thinking right now is, because I'm using Corsair 650D case(mid tower 8 expansion slot) and I'm worried that the bottom card might be very close, or in worst case, might even touch the PSU.

Can anyone comment on this?
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    The ASUS P9X79 Pro comes with the required SLI bridges for both 2-WAY and 3-WAY SLI. The triple width GPU does fit both on the MOBO and in the case. The bottom GPU will also cover a good portion of the bottom edge headers, but there's enough room to 90-degree those header wires. No doubt the bottom GPU is hovering about finger width above the PSU, but that's enough for proper air flow.
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