Netbook size computer with firewire 800?

i have an old laptop that i am currently using as my home server, nothing to high end, just a utorrent, external hard drive server, light FTP server... the laptop is perfect in every way, but its getting VERY old and im having trouble keeping it alive.

performance isn't the biggest deal to me, but size is a VERY big deal. i live in a small place and dont want this system to take up more space than a laptop, and make more noise.

I need firewire 800, and i am having trouble finding that in a small PC (not a mac user).

Options i've come up with:

- laptop with PCMCIA firewire 800 card (i have a KVM switch so will never be using the screen... waist of money)
- netbook with express card /34 (screens are small so not much waisted money, but i cant find one with an express card /34 slot)
- acer revo OR ASUS EeeBox PC (again no expiation slots in these small computers, but no waist in screens)

Any ideas? Thanks,
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  1. Why firewire 800? external drives? Will 400 do for you, There are many mitx boards and small cases like this,

    Firewire seems to be the big issue here, the revo would be a nice low power system as long as you can live without firewire. Building a mitx system can get expensive in small cases(laptop hard drive ect).
  2. that is EXACTLY the time of thing im looking for, i should be able to hunt down a mitx board with firewire 800... i was going to go with an SSD drive anyhow, but i dont see space for a power supply? that could be a problem lol

    firewire 400 is no good to me, i have a drobo (gen 1) and it has USB 2 or firewire 800 (which will give me faster speeds) if i go firewire 400 i wont get any advantage over USB 2.

    Ive been looking @ an older Lenovo netbook S10, it had an expresscard /34 slot which i can then put in a firewire 800 card... its weaker than i wanted CPU wise but as long as the transfer speeds are up from USB 2 that should be fine.

    Thanks for the help
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