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I'm not sure if i posted this in the right section since i spend most of my time in the CPU/GPU section lol. But anyways i would like a Wi-Fi card (Internal would be nice) that is VERY cheap but will play online games (ie Wow) and stream HD :). This will be for a gaming system and the only reason I am going wireless is i would have to buy a 300ft cable which would be more expensive than getting a wireless card and by the time it gets that long i assume the signal isn't as good... :)

1.) 10-15 USD w/ rebates/discounts
2.) Play Wow (Im building a gaming machine so i want to max out the settings :lol: )
3.) Stream HD Video
4.) Be able to last... :lol:

Thanks Ahead


Edit: I didn't mean any confusion when i labeled it PC card... :) I meant PCI, since its going to be a desktop :P
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    Tried but cannot find anything in you price range. Due to the distance you are trying to over come, you should stay away from fixed antennas in case you need a booster antenna to up you range

    PCI card: $28

    PCI card with free extender antennas: $33

    PCIe card:$28
  2. Would this work?

    Thanks for the reply, and i realized that my budget is pretty limited... Acually the router is mmm maybe 100 feet, but its across the entry way and family room so I would have to string something up in the ceiling... 'Shudder'
  3. The cards I proposed are all N Standard cards.

    If you only have a G Standard router, sure that would be fine.

    However, should you have a N Standard router, I would recommend to spend the extra cash to get the best speed possible to play WOW.
  4. Would you see a large difference in performance?

    I need to see how my budget plays out... Planning on buying almost to the limit of my budget already...
  5. Well the max distance for indoor usage for the G standard is listed at 125ft and could be less the more walls are between the router and the PC.
  6. mmm Sounds like I want a N standard then.... Well ill see how much more money it comes out to next friday... :)

    Do you know how much newegg drops prices on stuff on black Friday?? Do they have sales on everything (Or most) as in a store such as Walmart or Best Buy?
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