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HELP! Is the motherboard or graphics card the problem?


I recently had my computer die on me. I have replaced the PSU with a Corsair TX750 and can now power up the machine.

I cannot get a picture on my monitor it comes up no signal. I know it is not the monitor as have tested it on another machine. I have also tried another monitor on this machine and no signal.

Will it be the motherboard or the graphics card or something else possibly? I have connected the PSU with the PCI connector to the graphics card. The fans on the graphics card come on still.

I have:

Motherboard: 04011 - Asus P5Q Pro (Intel P45 chipset, Crossfire)
Graphics card: 08017 - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 896MB

I do not play games on this machine so don't particularly need a gaming set up.

Any help would be gratefully accepted.
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  1. When you tested the monitor on the other PC did you use the same cable?

    If you find it's not a problem with the cable, can you get a hold of a friend's video card just to test?
  2. Make sure all your cables are plugged back in correctly. Most likely you jarred something loose when you put the new power supply in or forgot to connect a cable. check all your connections. Try removing any extra cards so it's just one stick of ram, one video card and nothing else.
  3. So the computer powers on and the fans spin but it does not post.... This could be any thing.

    First double check the power wires. You got the 20+4 main power connector.
    Dont forget there is the 4 or 8 pin extra power wire by the cpu on the board.
    Check that you got the PCI-e power wire in the gpu.

    I would start by removing, blowing out with air, and reseating the ram. If that does not work,
    remove, blow out, and reseat the GPU.

    If those steps dont help i would reveiw the guides on what to do when a new build does not post.
  4. Yes I used the same cable. I have another machine so will try that graphics card. Will report back!!
  5. Also consider that something may be making contact with your board like a screw or piece of metal and grounding out.
  6. Ok guys I think it is the graphics card as I tried the one from my other computer and could see something on the monitor. I also tried the one that I think is not working in the other machine and could not see anything on the monitor.

    So my new question is what is a good reasonable price (cheap) grapics card for the above motherboard?

    I do not use the machine for gaming.
    I do use the machine for web browsing and would like something decent like the one I had. The cheaper the better unless it is worth spending a bit more on something that will last longer. No more than £80/£90 though.
  7. look into the 550ti or 7770/6770 cards.
  8. Ok thanks I will take a look. Does it have to be any particular make?
  9. If you're not using it for gaming, I'd get a Geforce 210. I use one in a PC I built as a DAW. Works great for non-gaming apps/general use

    This Asus card even comes with a little OC @ $35:

    Any card should last you at least a few years. If it doesn't, call the company out on their warranty. The 210 above has a 3-year limited.
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    if your looking for card that are less money then 560ti and 7770 and then 550ti. these have a little more gpu power then your old card. if your looking to save some money
    is just an updated version of the card you had with the older 520 gpu that was replaced a few days ago with the oem version of the gt 630
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  12. Thank you everyone for your advice. I have decided to get the 550ti I may even start to play the odd game now too!

    Thanks guys this site is so helpful.
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