Battlefield 3 / MW 3 Build. max settings help

2011 build for gaming
Budget $1000-1500

"Goal is to max out battlefield 3 and mw3 high settings and any new games to be released"

(?) - means help suggest/pick needed parts, feel free to change any other parts as well.

Resolution - 1920x1080

Processor - (?) Amd or Intel
Graphic Card - (?) Nvidia or Radeon
RAM - G.Skill 8 GB (2x4) 1600
Power Supply - Corsair 850hx
Case - NZXT Phantom
Processor Cooler - (?)
Keyboard - Logitech G510
Mouse - Logitech G9X
Mouse Pad - Steelseries 4HD

Motherboard - (?) (Future Crossfire/SLI - definitatly Overclocking)

Burner/DVD Drive - (?)

Hard Drive - (?) (Is two 7200rpm HDS raid pointless?)

Anything I missed please feel free to add.

Monitor not needed
OS not needed
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  1. CPU/MB ---- 2500k/P67 mb is gaming defacto standard 95% of the time.... (short of an early Bulldozer release with miracle improvements, I doubt this will change this year, including after Intel's own socket 2011 intro...

    gpu---- hard to beat the 6950(2gb) model in performance for the price....; two of them in Crossfire are formidable as well.......
  2. I'm gonna get a z68 asus vpro but 6950 over the gtx 570 ?
  3. What's your resolution ?
  4. he stated 1080p with that res i would go a single 6970 570 or if you are crafty with your money 2 gtx 560 ti's(?) and i agree i dont think amd can pull it off go 2500k with asrock p67 extreme4 motherboard. for cpu cooler i would go hyper 212 plus at amazon for $29.51. dvd burner dont spend over 25$ for it. and for your hard drive get a samsung spinpoint f3 1tb hard drive at amazon for $59.99. lastly grab yourself an ssd. 105$ gets you a 60gb vertex 2 ssd at amazon
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