No input to Monitor replaced MB,Video card,Cpu,power supply

In the last month i have replaced my MB, Video Card, CPU, and power supply in order to fix my problem that my screen receives no input, and that when i try to turn off my comp it will not turn off, but can turn on. I have also re seated my memory. I am at a lose in what to do next. HELP
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  1. So...
    Just so its clean in my head :)
    You are not getting anything on your screen when you turn on your pc?
    Have you tried testing the monitor itself? On a different system that is known to work. When you say you can turn your computer off, do you mean when you press the power button again it does not turn off?
    *This is not great for the hard drive as it could be accessing data at the time* BUT you should be able to turn your computer off by holding the power button down for 5 secs (ish) That "should" turn it off straight away.
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