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Well when BF3 hits later on, I want to be able to enjoy SP nearly maxed out with constant high FPS. (Excluding AA. I'll probably play MP with everything on low due to graphic advantages).

I'm assuming there will be a newer series, or more efficient, out by then. So I'm kinda thinking about upgrading some hardware.

All stock
8800 ultra - evga
4 Gb 600mhz - ocz
ol' x-fi fatality for a bit of cpu ease
all chillin' on a 750i - evga

It's a tad old but still runs strong. I play BC2 MP with everything low just so I get the best framerate (and theres a LoD bug, kinda). I'm willing to up for BF3, but don't want to drop 1.3k or so. Do you think if I just got a nice gpu (maybe a new series by then) I should be good on FPS with max quality DX11? I know my CPU will be handling some, but the majority of the work should be done by my GPU yeah?
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  1. what is your monitor resolution, PSU and budget?
  2. 1920x1080 (120hz, dont think that affects performance), TT Evo Blue 750 (W0308RU). Card? Well currently the 580 is at like what, 500. It depends really.
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    ok, if i were in your situation i would try to OC the CPU to around 3ghz and then get a GTX 560 TI.

    that one is an awesome model, factory OCed with an excellent cooler that keeps the card cool and quiet :) anything better than that would probably be bottlenecked by your CPU.
  4. I've thought about the 470 in the past. The 560 is pretty close to performance, but its probably more efficient. We'll see what plays out in the next 2 quarters.

    But you do think I will bottleneck myself if I go too high? =/. Haven't really done much OC before, but I have the cooling, and I do know the Q66 is very capable.
  5. yeah anything over a GTX 560 is a waste on that CPU unless you do eyefinity or surround. if you dont wanna OC i suggest you get a GTX 460 1gb.
  6. SLI bottleneck me at all?
  7. yeah unless its two low end cards.

    if you want anything better than a GTX 560 you have to upgrade the CPU.
  8. Two things.

    First, running PCIx 2.0, I read a while back its nearly 32x? Sounds a lot, is that accurate or less.

    Second. OC CPU... Like I said, not very knowledgeable. I'm mostly skeptic and feel like I won't see much of an increase. That aside, do you suggest only upping the core speed, or does voltage need to follow for stability (like I said, I don't know much about OC) . Also, whats a good way to test my stability, any programs or just trial and error.
  9. 1. PCI-e 2.0 x16 = PCI-e 1.1 x32. not that it has anything to do with CPU bottlenecking.

    2. you could maybe get 3ghz with stock voltage but anymore then that and you probably will have to add some CPU voltage.

    to stress your CPU you should use a program called prime95 and to watch your temps use a program called realtemp. you should stay under 72C when running prime95.
  10. Lol, off topic now, but isint it 1.1 = 1.0. 2.0 doubles 1.0/1.1 data rate. Anyways...

    How do you know how much more voltage you need? And is there anything else CPU related to increase, or only core.
  11. Thanks for the help. =)
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