Dell pc keeps turning off for power save while playing software

while playing installed software games, my dell keeps turning off, for a moment you you see a power save analog input...its very annoying, plus your game goes back to when you started,please help mme, i cant afford a geek
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  1. So when ever you load up something intensive your system powers off on you?

    If thats the case, thats not "power save", thats either overheating or a power supply issue. The power save that you see is your monitor telling you its not receiving anything anymore so its turning off. To check your temps, get HW monitor, prime 95, and furmark, use HW monitor to watch your temps as you load up the CPU with prime 95, then load up the GPU with furmark. Power supply check is achieved by loading up both furmark and prime 95 at the same time, this will put your system into a max load situation and if your PSU is having trouble this will cause it to cut out.
  2. hunter: it turns off while playing a game, not when i am loading it, it goes off at anytime,5 min-30min etc.

    thanks pat
  3. also, the screen says anolog input powersave...............
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