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about a month ago i bought a pentium 4 3.06ghz ht i connected it to my pc and it worked fine but i dont know if the temperatures are to high at idle i get about 47 to 65 and sometimes 70 but when i play games and watch a video i am getting about 65-80
can anyone tell me if its normal i had another cpu cooler but i changed it and it still happens
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  1. It's a bit high, but nothing to be worried about (old P4 processors ran hot). Did you check the idle temp in the BIOS after having it on for 10-15 minutes? You could obviously install a better HSF, better case cooling, etc.
  2. no but thank you i aint going to spend alot of money on this pc because in christmas i am going to buy a new pc
  3. You shouldn't have even wasted your money on a old single core cpu to begin with.
  4. The Intel® Pentium® 4 3.06GHz was the first of our desktop processors to offer hyper-threading. This processor has a FSB of 533MHz and would have been supported on boards with the 845, 850 and 865 chipsets. This processor had a max TDP of 81.8w. As a very short term upgrade you should be fine with this processor but really if you are trying to do any modern game or higher performance applications you are going to want to get a modern processor.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  5. yes do you think this pc is good for modern games i will upgrade the graphics card i cant but a core i7 because i am only 13 i am trying to play microsoft flight simulator x with good fps. [...] ystem.html
    i bought the pentium 4 for only 21euro it was cheap from ebay and new
    thank you
  6. The system you linked would be a large upgrade for you over your Intel® Pentium® 4 system. While it would still be behind the times I think that you would be much happy with your performance on the flight sim. The graphics on this system are the Intel GMA 3100 these are fairly entry level graphics and you most likely will want to plan on adding in a video card for better performance. This computer does have a PCI-E 16x graphics slot for a dedicated video card.

    Chrisitian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  7. yes i may upgrade to an nvidia graphics card
    thank you
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