ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 drivers

Woh I didn't think there was so many, I just thought it would be "Drive Update xx/xx/xxx" from the list there are only 2 I know I don't need (Rapid Storage & RAID) but what else do I need from this list??

Realtek high definition audio driver ver:R2.62
CIR receiver driver ver:20110219 (I think I don't need this one)
INF driver ver:
Intel Management Engine driver ver:
Realtek Lan driver ver:7.044
AppCharger ver:1.0.4
Lucid Virtu ver:
ASMedia USB 3.0 driver ver:
VGA driver ver:

ASRock 3TB+ Unlocker Utility ver:1.0
ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility ver:0.1.110
Instant Boot ver:1.29
THX TruStudio ver:1.00.01
ASRock XFast LAN Utility ver:6.61.1880_WHQL
ASRock XFast RAM Utility ver:2.0.9
ASRock XFast USB Utility ver:3.02.28

ASRock MAGIX Multimedia Suite

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  1. You are going to need pretty much all of the drivers, the only one you don't really need (if you are using a dedicated GPU) is the VGA driver. And the APP Charger.

    You can install whichever utilities you want. You can install none, or if they seem to do something that interests you, go ahead and install it. You can always uninstall it later. It should have a quick description on the menu stating what it does.
  2. if you read your motherboard manual it will explain what each driver is responsible for
  3. IMO I would only install Realtek high definition audio driver ver:R2.62
    INF driver ver:
    Realtek Lan driver ver:7.044
    ASMedia USB 3.0 driver ver:

    Though I would look into what CIR receiver driver ver:20110219
    Lucid Virtu ver: do. If they control something your never going to use skip them too.
  4. Thanks, I can't see a discription anywhere on the site for them though, I suppose it's not going to do any harm if I install all the drivers anyway. As for the utilities I suppose I will just have to download them and see what they do and if I want to keep them.

    I must take another look at the mobo manual tonight so, I didn't see anything about drivers or utilities the first time I looked through it so must have missed them.
  5. I think I will use the CD, the manual says that the CD auto-loads and lists all the drivers I need, then I can get the updates I need online.
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