Antec Three Hundred (300) 2.5" SSD Bay

I'm wondering if the 2.5" bottom mount SSD bay in the Antec Three Hundred (300) can hold a regular 2.5" HDD or just a SSD? Would there be any overheating issues putting a normal HDD there? Is anyone running that set up? If so, any issues?
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Try, you can find the answer in that way.
  2. Where is that mount anyway? I fail to locate it in my Antec Three Hundred.
  3. It's on the bottom of the case below the hard drive bays. Some of the 300 cases don't have it, I think Antec added it later because SSDs became so popular.

    I did end up putting a regular 2.5" drive in there (hybrid SSD) and it works fine. You've got to screw it in REALLY tight though because when the HD starts to spin, it will make a rattle noise if there is ANY type of give.
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