Intel Core i5 2500K+Intel HD Graphics 2000 (GT2)

Im not sure if this is correct but cpu-z shows that the integrated graphics is the Intel HD Graphics 2000 (GT2).
doesn't the 2500k use the 3000 version of the graphics? and non 'k' version use the 2000?
Why is cpuz showing that i have the Intel HD Graphics 2000 (GT2)?
Any help/clarification would be greatly appreciated
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    this is a link to the cpuz validation

    yes, should have hd3000. But cpu z looks like it may be having problems identifying hd2 vs hd3. I wouldn't worry about it unless you are actually USING the graphics, which would be silly except if you have a Z68 board to do transcoding with hydra.
  3. my board is a z68: Biostar Tz68A+ and it aslo has the Lucid technology
  4. I intend on using the quick sync thats why i got it....and also to be able to overclock
  5. It is a known issue with cpuz. If you get gpuz than it'll say the correct hd 3000.
  6. Thanks K1114, I didn’t know of this issue with cpuz. Right now in the desktop space we have 4 processors with the Intel® HD 3000 Graphics. They are the Intel Core i3-2105, the Intel Core i5-2405S, the Intel Core i5-2500K and the Intel Core i7-2600K. You can see them all here,55446,52214,52210 .

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  7. Thanks for the replies, i used gpuz and it says no where that i found saying Intel® HD 3000 Graphics. It just says 'Intel(R) HD Graphics Family' However, next to GPU it lists 'GT2'

    this is the validation
  8. Hmmm I thought it did, but checking for myself even the intel drivers just say hd family. However gpuz does say the number of shaders; hd 3000 has 12, hd 2000 has 6. If you are using the hd 3000 does the intel control panel say 3000?
  9. No my display is connected to a hd4670 for the time being, i plan on using the intel graphics alot soon in helping with video transcoding
  10. If you try Furmark 1.9.1 you will see HD 3000 - I tried it with ASRock pro3-m and 2500k.
  11. yeah thanks, that actually shows the correct information..
  12. I have a Core i5 2500k and this is always HD 3000 graphics. You can also check in an easy way :

    Windows 7 right click on desktop - screen resolution - advanced settings - adapter tab shows 'adapter string: intel HD graphics 3000'
    TweakNow WinSecret 2011 (freeware) in system information shows intel HD graphics 3000
    TweakNow Powerpack 2011 (freeware) system info shows intel HD graphics 3000

    Anyway, all programs show correctly the '3000' except CPU-Z which shows the '2000' family. If this program cannot identify this easy information correctly, then I wonder what other bogus info this program gives.

    I have deinstalled CPU-Z from my system. I have no trust in this crappy program.
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