How much RAM should it be used?

hey guys i have 8gb installed on my computer but when opening task manager im using 3.34gb and this is just with internet explorer opened.

how much should it be using or is this right?

and if this is wrong then how do i change it or less it?
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  1. you can download Process Explorer to get more information

    and you can see memory usage on each program or services
  2. cheers for the program but thats not really telling me how much is normal amout of usage
  3. That seems pretty normal to me. A lot depends on the number of background processes you have running in addition to the programs you have opened. The number and types of desktop gadgets is also a factor. Right now I am running just my browser and using 3.252 Gigs of RAM.
  4. ok cheers
  5. Firefox (2 Tab), MS Word (2 documents, about 3 pages each), 3 PDF (in Adobe Acrobat X about 20 pages each) use up 2.62 GB of 8GB.

    Only Firefox open (one tab, this page) it is 2.41GB of 8GB.
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