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Anyone Help To Chose My Power Supply Wattage

I have built a custom RIG. Check the specs of it,

*Core i7 2600 (3.4GHz)
*Gigabyte GAP67 UD4-B3(rev 1.1)
*16GB Corsair DOMINATOR (1333MHz)
*2x nVidia GTX560 Ti GPU's (SLI enabled) > (NOTE - minimum Wattage per card = 500W)

My question is that, to match my 2 SLI cards, which equivalent watt aged Power supply should I install?
* 500W

I mean,
* If i have the 500W -will this 500W parallely distribute to both cards?


* Should i install a 1000W, at 5ooW for each?


[[[ NOTE- Plez dont reply the unsure one. If my question's not clear, PLEZ ASK ME! K? ]]]

(I appriciate ur patience, in the long time reading) Thankzz...
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  1. The 500W is for the total system with 1 card not just for the card which drains 170W Max. So a 700-750W one will be fine 800-850W if your overclocking make sure its a good make like Corsair or Antec.
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    750W can handle 2 Tis, OCing or not.
    A 560 Ti uses around 285W under load, so the two cards together will use a maximum of 570W. On a 750W PSU, that leaves 180W for the CPU (which uses 95W) and all the other parts, which don't use a lot of power.
    My source:

    Have you already bought the processor? A 2500K would be a much better choice. Overclocked, it will outperform a 2600. Free performance, and $80 cheaper!
  3. A 700-750watt will give you more than enough headroom for accessories, overclocking of GPU/RAM/CPU, and other additions I think.
  4. Thank Bro!
  5. Yo... Thanks & that's what i really needed.

    And... This is the best,instant reply i got yet... Keep up...

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