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I've just moved into a new house (UK) with a deactivated BT line, which is now being activated but I have no phone number until this process is completed. I used a buisness phone number (that is located across the road from my house) to assess on how fast my connection will be, and estimated it at 6 megs.

Basically my questions are, how accurate will this estimation be and does this limit me to only paying for the 8 meg package as paying for the up to 24 meg package will still likely leave me around the 6 meg area?
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  1. If your connection is DSL, there are some marginal speed areas that are further away from the company's hubs that do max out lower than their full top speed. I'm thinking that 6meg estimation is based on the distance, as well as maybe the quality of the lines in the area. For Cable, distance does not really matter.

    Can you talk to the company and see if they allow a downgrade if done within a certain amout of time if you don't see advertised speeds? Also if you can talk to the local techs, the good ones will be able to advise you .
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