Can you fit a HD video monitor card in a Titan GA-81DX motherboard?

I just bought ((6/3/11) a HP x20LED monitor in order to reduce eye strain and power consumption.
Unfortunately at 16:1 or 'Wide' Image Ratio the picture and font are stretched so much that circles become ovals.
The Tech chap at HP thought my video card may need to be upgraded. He may be right as the monitor is HD. However, I would like to know if these monitors are naturally like this even with a modern card before I buy one or swap the monitor.
The 4:3 Image Ratio works OK but I might as well have bought a 15" screen instead of the 20'' as there is a 60mm gap on both sides of the screen.
My PC has a Titan GA-81DX motherboard with a 2.6Ghz CPU, .628Gb RAM and a Rage 128 PRO AGP 4XTMDS Video Card., (Microsoft Corp)
What do you guys reckon?
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  1. your video card is almost 9 years old,I would say you need a new card for sure,but I dont how powerful a card you could get considering your using a very old AGP slot.You really should consider getting a new system,yours is ancient tech.....
  2. It sounds like the resolution just isn't set properly.

    But yea what teaser said... the system is very old. 0.628gb RAM????

    Honestly for $400 you can put together a much much better system.
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