Can a decent gaming rig be had for 650ish? Please Critique!

I do not need a monitor, and this build is for movies/music/tvs, then SC2 on ultra. I got a lot of help just to get my feel around these boards, but I think I have a list of parts for you all to critique (I might overclock, and I will be SC2-ing on a 1080p screen). Budget is 650-700 before tax (don't need screen, mouse, keyboard). I do want to stay closer to 650 than 700, though. CA tax is a beech. Thanks in advance; you guys are amazing!!

CPU: i5-2500k------>$180 at microcenter

Motherboard: MSI P67A-GD55 (B3)------>$157 at ($147 after MSI rebate)

GPU: EVGA 01G-P3-1366-TR GeForce GTX 460 SE (Fermi) 1GB------->$145(115 after EVGA rebate)

Ram: 4 gigs of $40 ish ram on newegg(or maybe a cheaper RAM...does it matter?)

PSU: !?!?!?!?!?!? I just know 500w from a reputable manufacturer. Recommendations?

Case: BitFenix Shinobi------>$70

Assuming I do not get any rebates back: $592...$58-$83 for a PSU and HDD
Assuming I do: 552...$98-123 for a PSU and HDD

Am I missing anything? I feel like I can go cheaper for a decent mobo...what do you all think? Thanks!
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  1. I would stay away from the SE version of the GTX 460. its not as fast as a true GTX 460. you could also consider a HD 6850.

    look at these:

    Don't skimp on your PSU (free shipping on the antec)


    you could save some money on the MB too, there are MB that are cheaper the are good picks.
  2. Hmm, I will cancel my order from newegg for the GPU, and get the higher end evga. Is the performance drastically better?

    And the PSU is enough power to power the whole machine right?

  3. I started to recommend the Siverstone to someone else when I noticed the abysmal 1 year warranty.
    Corsair 500CX carries a 5 year warranty:

    500 Watts will be enough for single video card setups.
  4. Nice crucial kit for $40, free shipping:

    If you want ram sinks then expect to pay about $10 more.

    OOPS! correction, the very popular Gskill ripjaws are $40 free shipping:
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