GTS 450 GV-N450 0C-1GI I wanted more

I’ve purchased a Gigabyte labelled GTS 450 GV-N450 0C-1GI my original intention was to buy the Gigabyte GVN26OC896I GeForce GTX 260 however prior to purchase I was advised by my supplier that it was doubtful & somewhat borderline that my current PSU would be able to support the Gigabyte 460GTS & I didn't want to spend the money to replace it at this time, therefore on the spur of the moment I decided to buy the Gigabyte GTS 450 GTS GV-N450 0C-1GI instead.

Oops :ouch: I’ve most recently found that Gigabyte also produces an extremely similar but faster card to my current card (GTS 450 GV-N450 0C-1GI) namely the Gigabyte GV-N450 OC2-1GI

From what I’ve now found on the net the two cards look identical , could you please advise if this is so & if yes I assuming that a new BIOS must be required, again if this is the case could you please advise where I could obtain this later BIOS firmware.

Thanking you in anticipation of your reply

Thanks Megan 8

PS I see this is on You tube but wonder if this info can be trusted, especially the source of the updated BIOS What do you experts think? :)
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  1. What is your system specs? Would anything faster even be worth messing with the card for? You having slowness issues now?

    The model on the other gigabyte is OC2, which leads me to think it's just a factory overclocked version of the card. You can overclock your current card using a program, but it can fry your card if done improperly. Read up a bit on overclocking before you try.
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