Clicking noise from PSU and!!

I've been hearing a steady clicking/blinking noise and for a while I couldn't determine where it was coming from. Not only that but it seems to be causing me connection problems. I'm not overly tech savvy but I know I'm having connection issues as I keep losing the connection and when I do a ping test I'm dropping packets all over the shop. At first I thought it was the HDD so after buying a new one and installing Windows again yesterday the noise is still there. I then removed the PSU and placed it as far from the machine as I could while turned on. The PSU is definitely making this noise but I'm convinced I can also hear it in the machine somewhere too.

What could this be? Can't be a loose wire as the noise is very steady like a metronome and also seems to be coming from more than one place. Faulty cable maybe? Could that cause the same noise in two locations?

Please help, I'm going nuts!
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  1. Most likely your fan, with the PS off stick something in the fan to keep it from spinning, turn it on and see if there is any noise. Only do this for a few seconds and then remove stick to see if its the fan. The only other thing that can make noise is a failing component on the board and it might be an early sign of failure.

    You can replace the fan if your capable of soldering or remove the fan and the sticker covering the bearings and put of few drops of 30 weight oil and re-cover it with the sticker.

    Good Luck.
  2. Just did that, held the fan for a few seconds but the noise still persisted. Could a failing component on the mobo cause the noise to continue in the PSU??
  3. Not too common but yes, there are relays and some components that when leaking current might make noises.
  4. No relays on a motherboard.

    First thing to do is to determine if the clicking noise is mechanical or electronic.

    Mechanical - you need to check out all of the fans. Fans and hard drives are about the only things that have moving parts and are always on.

    Electronic - About the only thing inside a computer case that could reproduce a clicking sound is the system speaker or beeper. If you have one, try unplugging it from the motherboard header and see if the noise goes away.
  5. Thanks for your help jsc but you may have missed the comments in between the original post and yours!
  6. Ok, it seems I have identified the issue. After many weeks of frustration it now appears that whenever I plug in my wireless adaptor the noise starts up and when I unplug stops! I have just now hooked up my router via ethernet and it works perfectly. So, it seem there's a problem with the adaptor itself or perhaps something on the mobo. Thoughts?
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