Asus Z-Gene/3Gen continuously restarting, will not boot.

Hey guys,

I am having an issue with a fairly new rig and I am hoping to find some advice. I have an Asus Z-Gene/3Gen Micro ATX Motherboard with an i7-2600k Sandy Bridge CPU. I have an EVGA GTX570 with an 850W Power Supply and 2 G.Skill 4GB ram sticks.

So I was playing RIFT earlier, I was just messing around in town, not doing anything too system intensive and my PC just suddenly died. It then tried to restart. It tried to boot for 3-4 seconds and then shut down and tried to restart again. It seems to try to boot up for 5-7 seconds if I let it sit a while but then it restarts in less and less intervals each time after that.

So I immediately assumed somehow its overheating. I sprayed out everything with can of air and cleaned out all the fans and fan covers. None of my heatsinks or GPU seemed extraordinarily hot or anything. Tried to power it up again and it seemed to make it a bit further but then restarted again. It just keeps restarting over and over. So I tried taking out my RAM and doing one at a time, didn't work. I unhooked my HDD, didn't work. Do not know where to really go now. Never had an issue until now, I hope something didn't totally crap out. All my fans are turning on and everything seems to be working until it restarts. I did notice however that the debugger LEDs on my mobo are displaying a bunch of random numbers during the attempted boot up, but I can't say 100% whether it did this before or not.

I am not really sure what to do at this point. I have NEVER has an issue with this PC for two months or so and it has always ran very cool and the power supply never had any issues. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do now? Any help is much appreciate, thanks in advance.
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  1. Did you reset the bios yet? You can remove the board battery with the power supply unplugged. If it posts, you'll have to update the settings for boot order, smartfan, etc. and start troubleshooting by removing devices one at a time. Could be a board or ps issue. Use an esd strap if you start handling the board/cpu/or ram again.
  2. I tried resetting BIOS by removing the CMOS and I have troubleshooted the HDD, RAM and Video Card. My PC always ran very cool and it just suddenly died while gaming when it worked flawlessly for over 2 months. I guess its down to the mobo or PSU. I do not have a multimeter with me right now but I can check it at work tomorrow. If anyone else has any ideas please let me know.
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