USB vs PCI (situation a little different, though)

Hi, I need to buy a wireless adapter for my desktop pc. I keep reading that PCI beats USB, but the thing is, my PCI slot is directly next to my video card. My last PCI wireless adapter, which is now awful after overheating issues (a cheap $20 one), obstructs about 1/3 of the gfx card's fan. Another thing is, my desktop is in a corner of the room, hidden away underneath my desk, sitting ~35ft away from the G router, which is in a diff room. I know this causes horrible signal because I tried using another cheap yet working PCI card for testing purposes.

Should I stick to getting another PCI card? If so, will it do anything to my gfx card? Also, any recommendations? (Budget of $40, no need for 802.11n) Thanks.
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More about situation different though
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    If you have an open 1x PCIe slot, try this one

    I agree that PCI beats USB; however, but 90% of the people love this one
  2. oh, yeah I do have a pcie 1x, it sits above the gfx on the opposite side of its fan! is there any diff between that and the regular PCI slot? I should have good reception with it, right?
  3. PCI cards have a peak transfer rate of 133MB/s (on a 32MB bus).

    PCI Express specifications and the data transfer rates have been increased to 16GB/s with the newest specification released early this year.
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  5. Great info. Going with the USB one since so many ppl dont have a problem with that one in the link. :)
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