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Im looking for a motherboard that is high quality, dependable, and will work with a 3930k processor and has usb 3.0. I dont know much about motherboards but i am looking for a good one and i have a v8 coolermaster so i would like it to work for that also. Ive also heard that some memory wont work with some motherboards and i know i have 8 gigs of ddr3 ram. Futureproofing is key and i dont have a particular brand but i know that i want one that is very good money isnt too big of an issue but i dont want to be paying ridiculous amounts more unless the boost is nice. I notice some boosts can be insignificant and cost way more than the boost is worth (the 3960x and the 3930k are a great example of not enough boost for such little cost). I dont know what other info you would need but i will give it if you need it.
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  1. Rampage 4 Extreme
  2. that one looks pretty good but any others? I want to get a few options that meets those features that i specified so i can look them up. Also while i can afford that (and i may buy it) a little cheaper wouldn't hurt like in the 300 range but still nice and good future proofing. I notice the best is always a huge jump in price but if you go just one step down its usually significantly cheaper and almost the same quality but considering its the best out there the price is hiked up for computer parts. oh and this was my first post so i didnt know how to post this and it made me choose a specific manufacturer so it doesnt need to be asus specifically just as long as its a good brand. also on a side note how do i find out if whatever motherboard i choose supports my ram type (also how do i find out my ram type lol).
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