Can you use all three ports on a pcie graphics card?

I need to setup three monitors. I will not be gaming. my motherboard has one PCIex16 slot and one available PCI slot. I am running Windows Vista Home Premium. I am currently running two monitors now on a single graphics card and I would like to replace it with one that has an HDMI, a DIVx and a vga output. I have found some posts that say once you plug into the hdmi port the DIVx port shuts down. Is ther a card that will run all three ports?
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  1. Completely depends on the card. Any AMD Radeon card that is HD5XXX series and newer will support 3 monitors on one card. However one monitor will need a display port interface. so you'll have to pick up an adapter for an addtional 20 bucks.

    Other than that, I believe Nvdia Requires 2 cards to support more than 2 monitors.
  2. ^+1. That pretty much covers it.

    You have to go with AMD since you only have one PCI-E slot, unless you can wait for the GTX590 which uses two GPUs on a single PCB and is likely to be a massive and power hungry card. Get a 6870 or 6950 and an active Display Port adapter, or a monitor with Display Port, and you can run 3 monitors in eyefinity.
  3. I posted this on another thread but thought I may add it to this one as well.

    I have three monitors. Two Generic VGA Monitors (I think the brand is Envision) and and a Hanspree HD monitor with an HDMI and VGA interface. I have an Sapphire hd 5770 with a DVI, Display Port, and VGA interface. I am running Windows Vista 32bit. I have the DVI interface on the graphics card going to one of my generic monitors with a DVI to VGA adapter (passive). I have the VGA interface on the card going to the other Generic monitor. I have the Display port going to the HDMI interface of the Hanspree monitor using a Display port to HDMI cable i purchased from Monoprice.
    When I open catalyst control center I see all three monitors in the bar at the bottom of the display group screen. When I right click to create my display group the software only gives me the options of 1x2 vertical or 2x1 horizontal.
    Is this due to the two VGA monitors? I can create a 2 monitor group over any two monitors, but not a three monitor group.
  4. 6000 series supports up to 6 monitors on one card.
  5. Thanks z06, I only need the three displays.
    I used AMD's wizard to make sure I bought the right card for my needs and they recommended the 5770 so I am sure I have the right card, I just don't know if i am using it correctly or if I have the right combination of monitors.
  6. has anyone had a similar problem as i have above creating a monitor group in eyefinity?
  7. Did you use an active adapter or a passive one? If it doesnt have a powered box then its a passive adapter which wont work for eyefinity.
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