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Hi there
Im currently stuck between choosing a ASUS GTX 460 1gb direct CU TOP edition or a Powercolor PCI-E Radeon AX6850 1GB. I can get either one of them for the same price so im just looking for the best gaming 1.
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  1. The HD5850 trumps the HD6850 and the GTX460 gets better results at higher resolutions than the HD5850. Go figure.
    The DirectCU TOP edition is a great version too.
  2. Either is a good card on its own. If you ever think you'll get another for a multi-GPU setup, I'd suggest the 460 because the drivers for SLI support are better than those for crossfire at this time.
  3. ok, so they basiccaly the same in most areas..
  4. With many game titles, you'll get similar performance. Though you'll consistently see better performance from the 6850 in the DX11 titles:


    But like I said, if you want to take the performance leap at some point with more than one card, I'd go with the 460.
  5. ya im looking more just for better dx11 performance, like crysis 2 or bf3 later this year.
  6. The Asus GTX 460 TOP is a nice card with a good factory overclock, and good brand name reputation.
  7. k kool thnx all :D
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