Gaming build ... Need help confirming these parts

Hey, all. I've been milling around the forums for a few months now looking for a parts list, and I finally got one... then I found something else that looks waaaaaaaaaay cheaper. Anyways, here's what I'm considering:

Barebones kit:

GTX 570:

Okay. My first question is: do you think the PSU in the kit will have enough juice for the 570 (the wattage is right, but I have a feeling that there's more to it than matching the wattage)? Also, I'm a little worried as to whether the GPU will actually fit in the case. The case dimensions are 18.60" x 7.50" x 16.90" and the GPU dimensions are 10.5" x 4.38". I'm new to the world of DIY, so I'm not quite sure how the mobo is oriented and I don't know which dimensions to compare.

Last (and possibly most important) question: assuming that everything here works, what kind of gaming experience am I looking at? My goal is to play games maxed out at 1900x1080 with full AF and 4x AA. Can I get 30+ frames from all current games with these setting on this rig? I want to play demanding, current-gen games. Does this sound reasonable?

Thanks a lot for your help, everybody!
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  1. Dont get barebone kits. That psu is not good. Get a corsair, xfx, seasonic, antec or ocz(in some cases).
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    This is a good combo, all good quality parts. And the challenger can fit 10.5" tightly. But if your're thinking about a 570 I'd suspect you to have the budget to get a bigger case.
  3. Well, what I really want is a 580 (to later be upgraded to a 590), but I saw this combo and thought that maybe it could be cheaper. I mean, my max rez will be 1080p, so I don't need the best of the best. I figure I can get a kit and a 570 and still max out current-gen games, then just sell my pc and put the money towards a new one when I need one. I'm a little too poor to do battle in the upgrade wars. Basically my original parts list was like $1750. I'd be happy to shave off $800. Plus (and I my need correcting here) I'm not sure if that extra $800 would have made much of a difference to my gaming experience.

    The newegg link looks like a good combo. It's a much better deal than the tigerdirect combo. I'll definitely look into that.

    So, would this rig have me set, or are there games out there that this system can't absolutely destroy? (I'll go ahead and leave Metro 2033 out of the list not only because I actually don't care for it, but also because I don't think any current setup can max it out flawlessly)

    Okay. I've never seen this before. Not that I'm complaining ^^ Well, even though I don't plan on playing Metro, it's good to know that the 570 can do a more-than-decent job of running it.

    Well, it looks like I've got a PC to buy. Thank you, Hobbes.
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