Why doesnt video card chart 2011 include 5970?

The 5970 is still a beast of a card. In the 2011 Video Game charts, the 5970 is not included in the lineup of cards. I think it would be only fair for consumers to include this beast of a card!
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  1. That is very odd, perhaps the Tom's guys decided the microstuttering problem was so signifigant that it's benches didn't deserve to be listed. I guess you can always go back to the q4 2010 charts and cross reference.
  2. I must admit to not looking at the charts for a good long while now. The reason is because for years they have been total rubbish. As i said i don't know about now but after years of asking why cards were listed incorrectly/not listed etc most of us gave up so im not surprised to hear there are cards missing.

    Mactronix :)
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