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hi all, i want to connect my dell inspiron 9300 to my tv which has an
s-video input. according to the inspiron user manual, i'm supposed to
get a tv/digital audio adapter (which i can buy from dell). is this
something i really need to buy from dell? or do i just need an
s-video/audio cable instead? (or do i really need both) if i needed
to buy an additional adapter, is there any reason why dell would not
just have that functionality built in to the laptop (other than just so
they can milk me for more money :-))? it seems bizzare to have a port
for connecting to a tv if you need to buy a special adapter just to use
it in any useful setting... thanks!!
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  1. Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?)

    You shouldn't need a special adapter. If you can, try borrowing an
    S-Video cable and some audio cable from a friend and try it before
    buying any. If you have an S-Video port out and audio port out (or even
    a headset port), you should have no problem using standard cables. How
    the laptop views and sounds on the TV is another issue and is dependant
    on the video graphics and sound capabilities of the laptop.
    As far as Dell's motives with the "special adapter", if your
    regular cable works (and it won't hurt to try), you sound like you know
    already. It's too bad that so many of these computer / electronics
    dealers want to make their products proprietary and try to tie
    customers in with claims that you have to buy their product or a
    recommended product, all under the guise of being "helpful", or what
    you try from another manufacturer or retailer won't work, when often it
    will. Not always, but often.

    Hope this helps.
    Silicon Alley Computers
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