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I'm looking for a mobo for my new pc, priced around £100.
It'll be running 2 7850's [...] splay-port
An i5 2500k [...] 749&sr=8-1
8gb ram
500gb-1tb hdd
And I'm planning to OC the cpu and gpu's.
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  1. I live in the uk so I can't order from newegg. ):
    Unless newegg can import to here.
  2. just wondering, would these motherboards also suit my build: radeon 6870, i7-3770k, 2tb external, 60gb ssd, 8GB ram?
  3. Yes, the Z68 and Z77 are just fine.

    Its the same socket 1155.
  4. And the latest is Z77 and it was launched for the i7-3770k line.

    And it is compatible with Z68 as well. But the Z77 has more goodies : ))
  5. Do you mean 1,2,3 in priority? e.g. Get one if possible, if not possible get 2.
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