Hi PSU help please!

I have an Asus M4a88T-M mobo
Since this is a MicroATX Mobo do I need an MATX specific PSU?
I have been using a 600W PSU (cheap) which blew because it's a bad brand which got recommended to me - now I'm thinking it may not have been the right type of PSU!

Can anyone help
(Its my first build so I really dont know much!)

Everything was working this week when I used it until my PSU blew lol
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More about please
  1. what graphics card r u using? you might like the corsair tx650
  2. GTX 460 :) Yeah I made the mistake of not going gut instinct on buying a corsair and got one recommended by a friend :( Needless to say the PSU blew - hopefully my components are still in tact! If not I'll have a nice spare PSU lying about :P
  3. You can get the Antec EA750 for the same price as the Corsair tx650 but it comes with semi modular cables.
  4. forgive me for being really dim... but what does semi modular cables mean? D: I dont really understand all the terms yet :(
  5. The micro ATX PSUs are only for little cases that cannot take regular PS/2 form factor PSUs(often referred to as ATX incorrectly), there is electrically no difference between a full sized PSU and a micro ATX PSU only case size differences.

    Semi modular means that some but not all of the cables are modular, usually the 24 pin main, 8 pin CPU and at least one PCI-E cable are hardwired
  6. mlcaouette said:
    You can get the Antec EA750 for the same price as the Corsair tx650 but it comes with semi modular cables.

    ya? please list the site
  7. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139020
    Corsair tx650 v2 for $90 shipped, $80 after MIR.

    Antec EA750 for $93 shipper, no rebate. This one has an extra 3A on the 12V rail. An extra 3A/36W for either the same price or $13 more (and no rebate worries)? I'd get the EA750.
  8. Thing is the Antec EA750 is quite an old design by now, so it doesn't perform as well as more modern units can. I think that this unit is superior in almost every way to the two (or three) units mentioned in this thread so far:
    XFX 650W XXX Edition 80Plus Bronze Semi-Modular $89 ($30 rebate, $4 shipping)

  9. All three are good PSUs. The XFX has one less amp then the Corsair, so 4 less then the Antec. Yes the Antec is the least efficient of the three, but its trying to output more power. The XFX is a bit cheaper, but I'd probably still grab the Antec. I'd get the XFX over the Corsair however. 1A less for less $$$ is a win in my book.
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