Small Pink Artifacts in shaded areas Help??

So I was playing Civ 4 yesterday and at some point in the game small pink dots started showing up in shaded areas. I restarted the computer but they still show up in very random places on the screen they arnt that noticeable but a few ( maybe 1 to 4 pixles in size) Im just wondering if there is a simple fix or if there is a way to trouble shoot this problem.

I have a GTX 460. Not overclocked
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  1. The problem can be down to. A) the video driver for the card, download a newer version of the driver from nvidia.
    Or B) The card is getting a bit hot, this can happen when you do not have enough fans in the tower to pump in cooler air from outside of the case, and for example on the rear of the case to extract any hot air created by the rest of the system components.
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