Radeon hd3850 work with psu 450W with 10amps on 12v+ rail?

i want to buy agp ati radeon hd 3850,does it work with my psu?

any help most appreciated
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  1. i want to buy agp ati radeon hd 3850,does it work with my psu?

    help me please!!!

    any help most appreciated
  2. yes it will work ... but need true power from good brand recommendation
  3. You gave us 16min before you started bumping your post? I suggest you read the TOS again.

    No, it will not work. If it does, it will not work for long. You only have 120W of usable power, and most of that will be going to the CPU. Give us more system specs please.
  4. 10A on the 12v rail is 120W, which is pretty sad if it's only one rail. At load, the HD 3850 seems to draw between 80-100W (well I think 98 is worst case), which doesn't leave much for your CPU and everything else. I doubt your PSU could even sustain the 10A on the 12v rail. I say no. Get a decent PSU if you want to upgrade your GPU. Is it even worth it for your system? What are you full specs?
  5. windows xp 32bit sp3
    ram 1gb
    now using ati radeon 9200 se
    intel celeron 2.26ghz
    mobo u8668d biostar
  6. "Fast" websearch says your CPU uses around 55W. That leaves you with ~60W. If you don't want to upgrade your PSU, I suggest a really weak GPU. You still have an AGP slot, so your probably looking at second hand. Because you have a weak CPU and GPU, you won't be gaming on this. Some sort of 9800?
  7. if i want to buy geforce 6200,does it work?
  8. if you want have PC in long term FIRST YOU MUST INVEST GOOD PSU !
  9. An AGP 6200 will work, but its not for gaming.
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    I honestly wouldn't even bother with it. That Celeron is too slow to even make proper use of a Radeon 3650. Also, newer Radeon cards need hotfix drivers to work with those old AGP setups and they can be a bit of a pain to get to work. I say get a decent PSU you can reuse latter

    Antec VP-450 450W $40.99

    Then go on eBay and get a Decent AGP card like an nVidia 6800 or 7000 series AGP card

    nVidia Geforce 7800 GS 256MB AGP $79.00
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