Z68 or p67 for a development/art machine and any other advice?

TL;DR : for real-time processing and display of multiple HD webcam feeds, as well as other video and 2D-related graphics displays, 1) how's my component list, and 2) would I get a benefit from Z68 over the P67?


I'm building a new machine, mostly as a driver for multimedia art works I make, but also for the development of those works. I can't predict all of what I'll need it for, but I do know some of the things it will be asked to do. First, I'll be plugging in a number of USB web cameras, at least some of them HD, and doing real-time processing and display of their feeds to multiple monitors. USB bandwidth and processing speed are probably the most important subsystems for this. I'll also be doing playback of HD video, combined with camera input, processing/analysis, face tracking, etc.

I have been planning on the following components, but have been reconsidering whether a Z68 board is a better choice:

intel 2600k (or maybe 2500k)
asrock p67 extreme 6
amd HD 5770
ocz agility 2 60GB SSD

While the bulk of my video tasks will be 2D, I still need high-performance for them, as well as multiple HD monitor support (more than two possibly). So even though the 5770 is 3D-focused, I'm guessing it will perform well for 2D tasks anyway (and it has strong multi monitor support).

But I've been reading about the just released Asus Z68 board and wondering if I could benefit from a Z68 setup that used Virtu to allow some tasks to go to the HD 3000 gfx while pushing most to the 5770. However, I'm presuming that the usefulness of the specialized encoding/decoding tasks on the HD 3000 are dependent on strong software support? I'll be using development libraries by others and it's probably a while before those gfx features are supported (if ever).

Judging by p8p67 benchmarks, I'm guessing that the new Asus Z68 board won't be as fast in USB3 and USB2 bandwidth as the asrock board is, so that's a consideration here too.

So I guess my questions are:

1) Are there benefits from a z68/i2600k setup, in terms of using both a discrete GPU and the built-in, that will be in effect regardless of specific library support (e.g. maybe directx just handles which chip gets asked for things)?

2) Is the asrock z68 board (presuming they'll make one) likely to have similar USB benchmarks as the asrock p67 board?

3) Do you have any suggestions or comments regarding my component selection above?

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  1. Well as the bulk of your work will consist of 2D video tasks, you may want to forego the 5770 card altogether and use the Core processors IGP which is available when a Z68 chipset board is used.
    This is based on the following article which Toms did somewhere last year. It does not favour the HD 5000 series videocard.

    The IGP is good for most other thigs but gaming, although some light gaming can be done.
  2. Addition:

    For graphical worstation professional related solutions you can look here for NVIDIA's solution and here forATi/AMD's solution
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